Rift: Overpowered Max DPS Rogue Nightmare Build 1000 DPS

According to an avid Rogue player called Vox, this build has the ability to sustain 1000 DPS, and because of both gear and spec, can maintain over 200 hit. It's meant as a build for PvE, but might also work for PvP, with some minor adjustments. The person who came up with this build actually went Riftstalker 0 points, but you can change this around a little bit, if you want.

Here's a video, showing the build in action, with the creator maintaining that he won't share the build. We figured it out for ya tho. 😉

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Nightmare Build Skills Explained

Since Backstab was however nerfed in 1.2, I would think that taking the point out of there, and putting it in either Foul Play or Blind, would make sense for CC.

I noticed that he used the 1 point in Impale, rather then going with Dusk to Dawn. Dusk to Dawn is nice, but only if you can channel it. Impale on the other hand can be used as a finisher when the mobs have plenty of health left, and doesn't stop us from using other abilities.

I do find it strange that he mentions going in with Final Blow, but obviously used Scourge of Darkness (it's in his hotbar). I think this is one of those "hidden" rotations, that he hides a bit from others. The additional damage of death attacks might be perfect for when you come in on a mob from ranged.

He probably made this build pre-1.2, which is why he has backstab in there. It might also be what he mainly used for damage, unless the first and last(?) attacks are backstab, with something else in there as well. It probably isn't Savage strike, because he has no points in Improved Savage Strike and Double Cross. Instead there is going to be another rotation in there. I am guessing a bit of damaging attacks from the Nightblade tree. My guess would be as follows;

Ranged Nightmare Build

The ranged shot is Fiery Spike alternating with Twilight Force. He mentions he goes in for Final Blow, which explains why the only other ranged finisher is Scourge of Darkness.

Nightmare Build Rotations


  1. Paralyzing Strike (2 Combo Points)
  2. Backstab (1 combo Point)
  3. Dark Malady + 20% damage to next 8 seconds worth of attacks (2 Combo Points)
  4. Impale (DoT finisher)
  5. Ebon Terror (1 combo point)
  6. Dusk Strike (2 combo points)
  7. Dark Malady + 20% damage to next 8 seconds worth of attacks (2 Combo Points)
  8. Final Blow (finisher)

For AoE, we throw in some Weapon Flare (8 enemies) and Fiery Chains (3 enemies)

Nightmare Build Enchants and Poisons

We know that one of the enchants/poisons is Hellfire Blades. I believe the other is off the assassin tree, Lethal Poison, for the 5% increase to Critical strikes.

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Overall, the Nightmare build is a really impressive PvE build. But without the Crowd Control like Blind and Foul Play, I worry that the build wouldn't be as good for PvP. Also if you went PvP, you would probably want to drop Riftblade and go with Saboteur, for the Adhesive bomb.


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