Rift Question – PvP Favor – I need your help

Hey guys, this time, I need your help. I just do not understand how I managed to get the top amount of favor in a match. I understand the basics, get as many kills/damaging attacks on others, pick up a flag/defend a base kinda thing... but for the life of me, I can't figure out how I got more PvP favor in a recent match. I simply sat guarding our "flag", for the most part.As you can see from the leaderboard below, I had 41 "kills", 1 killing blow, and 3 deaths. I did less damage and received more healing then the person right below me. I didn't grab nor return a flag... and yet, I had the most PvP Favor in this match.

Can anyone hazard a guess on why this happened? I really do want to know.

Rift PvP Favor chart

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