Rift Report 3/1/11

For those who want to join me, I am playing on the server Aedraxis. However I have to warn you, it's already a full server. I play on the Defiant side. Yes, I know this is a PvE server. I opted for this, this time. Figuring I will probably do Warfronts a bit. Afterall, I need 2500 favor (from pvp), to get my last soul.

Buy Game & Time Codes Delivered to your emailAlso, want to mention that I have not found any serious bugs yet. I have found a few small ones, those mostly got reported to the GMs, to make the game stronger. There was one 2 days ago, where the map crashed, but it wasn't from something I did or have been able to reproduce. That however did allow me to run through the level 45 area, and make one bind. Unfortunately, not knowing the game, I chose an area which was not a larger area, with more vendors :(. Could have made a killing on items.

I have already set up my trade mule, and this is something I recommend for anyone who plans to play the AH market. This is any character whom can complete the low level quests, and then sit by the AH/Bank/Mailbox. It receives items in the mail, lists them on the AH, and then mails the plat back.

For those of you who haven't yet purchased Rift, let me give you one advice... purchase the digital collector's version. The reason behind this is simple. You get a 60% mount on EVERY character you make (available at the mailbox). Why is this so important? This saves you 2.25 Platinum per character. Normally you might not get enough of that till about level 15-25. Having it at level 6, is an immense help. Also, if you figure the cost of plat is currently running at around $4 each, that makes for a current cost of $9 per mount. Having 2 characters (trade mule/main) will add to a savings. Direct2Drive, seems to have the cheapest of all the companies which sell it digitally.

I have still been messing with the Mage tree, to see which ones are more viable. Currently looking at a Chloromancer/Stromcaller/Elemental Summoner build. Everyone has stated the Warlock/Necro build was OP, but with the other one I am working on, was able to solo some Elites. There are a couple heal spells which when cycled through constantly, makes for an strong build.

Side Note: It seems Runes of Magic likes the tree build idea, and will be allowing players to have 3 specs, instead of just 2. However since you have to level each one separately, this will make for a heavy grindfest.

Thats about all I have for now, I have been waiting for the servers to come back up. Hoping mine will be open in another few mins.

Ok, one more tidbit for our VIP members...

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    How many characters are you allowed per account?
    Is there a newbie tutorial area, or thrown to the wolves at level one? In most of the games I’ve played you can usually gather items or even do some basic crafting or quest for armor in the easier newbie area… is this possible in Rift?
    Can you explain WHY you like this game more than your past games or rate it versus your past played games?

  2. Spitt says:

    I still love Asheron’s Call, but the graphics are way outdated. I loved that game, because nothing was too linear. Which is something you really notice in most other games these days. You could also take one character and choose EXACTLY how you wanted to spec it. The choices, is part of what I like in Rift. With 8 Soul (Talent) Trees to choose from, and the fact that as you put points into it, it open new spells, is something I really enjoy. You can choose to put points into 2 talent trees, and max out the talent points at level 50 (62 total), or you can put the points into one tree and get more spells, then the left overs in other trees. I think overall, it’s the choices which they give, there are more of them.

    Additionally, there are puzzles to complete. However I am sure most people will simply read the exact method on how to do them, rather then trying to figure them out.

    The Rifts, are randomly occurring public quests, and adds flavor to the game. Just when you thought the game was getting too easy, the pop a rift, right into your quest area, forcing you to play.

    Warfronts (battlegrounds) aren’t really that much different then other PvP BG’s in other games. Currently there is the Capture Bases and Capture the Flag, type of games. However playing them, will unlock your 8th tree, which is the PvP Soul.

    There is a newbie tutorial, it’s for levels 1-6, runs through the basics of movement, how to accept quests, an into to rifts, etc. Everyone has to go through the tutorial zones, but you can turn off the annoying tooltips.

    I am not sure of the maximum amount of characters you can add, I have 2. Allowing for spaces, it appears you can have 6 characters per server.

    Really I can’t place my finger on exactly why I like this game, other then to say it’s a culmination of things.

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