Rift: River of Souls 1.1 update coming soon

Trion has announced, that a new event will be coming along with patch 1.1, called River of Souls. This will be a mass endless invasion of undead rifts unleashed upon Telara. Best of all, as an incentive to play this new event, there will be a rare drop, an armored Spectral Horse, which has a chance of dropping. If you play for nothing else, this will be a valuable addition to your character.

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The River of Souls

RIFT 1.1

Since the rifts first appeared, the undead have plagued Telara, a nightmare of reanimated flesh. Lately, however, the threat has grown even more terrible, as Death Rifts surge open all across the world, pouring forth walking corpses like never before. This calamity will shake Telara to its core and tax the limits of Ascended endurance, yet it is only the first of many to follow… assuming the defenders can throw back Telara’s foes.

Soon the Endless Court will launch an unprecedented mass invasion. The most terrifying servants of Regulos will lead these hordes into battle: liches, ettins, gravemakers. Alsbeth herself will march through every region of the world, raising dread champions to sow the discord for which she is named. Old enemies will rise and fight for oblivion alongside flesh-crafted colossi from the Plane of Death, until the offensive presses on toward Stillmoor.

Every last Ascended must battle Alsbeth’s forces. While veteran heroes will bear the worst of the conflict, even novice Guardians and Defiant can do their part, confront dire foes, and reap rich rewards as the war unfolds over the course of a week.

Stolen souls

All of this upheaval can be traced to Alsbeth’s newfound control of the Soulstream, the mystical river of light where all souls (hero, cultist, and even riftspawn) are drawn after death. All of her schemes: corrupting the Hag of Gloamwood and the March Wardens’ ghosts in Iron Tomb, resurrecting Jakub the Warlord, and foiling the Ascended at every turn, have led to her capture and corruption of this spiritual wonder.

From her lab on the edge of the Plane of Death, Alsbeth yanks forth and reanimates souls. The dross she tosses aside, creating the seemingly numberless undead that spill into Telara. The mightiest souls she resurrects as powerful minions of Regulos. Conquered enemies from dungeons and adventures past have risen again, mightier than ever and eager to serve the Devourer.

Marching out from the River of Souls, these unliving throngs must be thrown back before they overrun the world. Ascended who do their part will face intense combat, but every downed general or colossus carries once-in-a-lifetime items that will mark out those heroes who stood against the Bride of Regulos. Then, if the Shadetouched are defeated, Ascended can journey to the River of Souls, wade through armies of reborn enemies, and finally bring Alsbeth to account for her crimes.

"You look like Death"

Ascended who fight the undead armies heralding the River of Souls will have the chance to appear a bit gaunt and pale themselves. Certain monsters will drop items that transmogrify their owners into one of the living dead. These artifacts work in combat, so the dead won’t know who to fight! Some Ascended will even get to ride like the dead atop a rare Spectral Horse. While the normal steed—usable by Ascended of any level—will only be available during the actual event, the armored version will remain in the game, exclusive to the River of Souls raid.


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