Rift: Warrior PvP Build – Paladin Vindicator Champion

I have a friend, who is heavily into PvP. He's played many games on PvP servers, even those which are anti-carebear, such as Asherons Call (where looting is permitted) and Age of Conan where your friend might be your enemy, if your health goes down enough. Suffice it to say, he has been having a lot of fun with the PvP Warfronts, and even more experimenting with builds.

Here is his Warrior PvP build. Note that you need rank 5 PvP rep, to use this particular build. Basically it will allow you to Block without a Shield and use a 2-h weapon, with a couple heals and bubbles thrown in for fun. It's 12 Champion, 34 Paladin, 20 Vindicator. I do not know if this is yet perfected, but it's a fairly strong build. I had the pleasure of getting my arse wiped with my Tank build against his PvP build in a recent warfront match. The only thing which saved me, was that the match ended.

If you have a Warrior PvP Build you want to share or compare? Post it in the comments below.

Build by Smokeyz of Aedraxis-Defiant

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