Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot

The Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot does one thing, and only one thing. It plays the game for you, so that you can farm crates in the game, while AFK. If you love getting all the extra goodies from Rocket League, threfore you're going to want to use this bot while you sleep.

Currently NOT Working 

New! Check out the new guide on Ranking Up in Rocket League. Use it while you're awake (but not checking out the hot women dancing on your desktop) to get to higher ranks.

Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot

Rocket League Crate Farmer BotThis Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot will automatically join games for you, play somewhat human-like, and farm crates while you're too busy to be playing. Some use this bot to farm crates and then sell them. If you're making money on it, then donations are appreciated, see the link in the zip to donate via PayPal.


  • Download the File (see below)
  • Extract all files to the same directory.
  • Start Rocket League.
  • Run the Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot.


  • Rocket League must be the active window.
  • In the video, you can see that the bot got stuck on the menu system, but still managed to work it's way out of it. If it happens to you, just let it keep running. No need to report the bug, it's already known.
  • After pressing enter on the bot and switching to the game (you can start at the main screen like in the video, or in a match), don't press any buttons on the game. Just let the bot do it's thing. To pause the bot while in a game, press the "H" key until the bot says paused. Then you can just switch to it and close it, or press "H" to resume game play.

Download Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot v2.5.5.9

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all credit to Nimboso for this Rocket League Crate Farmer Bot

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    i get Loading..
    like a hundred times.
    And my car does Not move at all.
    Please assist.

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