Rocket League Level Adjuster

The Rocket League Level Adjuster is a tool which will allow you toRocket League Level Adjuster instantly change your level within the game, by changing your save data. It needs to be done while you are offline, but when done correctly, will allow you to edit your save making you instantly any level from 1 to 75.

Rocket League Level Adjuster


  1. Turn off Steam Cloud.
  2. Run the Rocket League Level Adjuster.
  3. Turn your internet off.
  4. Choose the level you want.
  5. Press Install.
  6. Now start the game without internet.
  7. Turn internet back on, once the game starts.

Download Rocket League Level Adjuster

Warning! While no bans and suspensions have been reported, it is possible to receive one. Use at your own risk.

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well).


Go from zero to hero in 30 days

Rocket League Level Adjuster created by user Takkun102. 

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