Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide

You will need this Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide, if you ever want to get out of the lower ranks. Sure, you can use the crate farmer bot, to farm massive amounts of loot, but to get out of the lower ranks, you're going to need some help. This guide will help you to rank up, taking you all the way from the basics up through Gold rank, and onto Platinum.

Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide

Rocket League Rank Improvement guideI just wanted to do a quick summary of important points and key mechanics for players in lower ranks to provide a basis and to help try and correct a few things that I’ve seen a lot that cause to get scored on/not score/lose games. Of course, the things I’ve suggested for Bronze players applies to Silver and Gold players etc. I’ve tried to include some sources from YouTube as well as training sequences where applicable to try and illustrate what I’m talking about or to provide a starting point for practicing the mechanics mentioned.

Rocket League, while a simple concept, is a complicated game with a pretty intricate meta that continues to grow and change. But if you practice the things I have compiled in this guide, then you, WILL rank up. It's simply a matter of practice versus cheese.

Much of the advice I give here, are things I have learned, and am now sharing with you - and that's your first lesson. Try to see what you have done wrong, and work to improve. It’s a lot easier to critique and say you made the wrong decision in hindsight outside the pressure of a game situation.

Now onto the Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide...

Conclusion to Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide

Phew! You made it! If you read the complete guide and use it to improve you will make Platinum Rank. Remember that everything takes practice and knowledge. You have completed the first step to getting better at Rocket League by reading and gaining knowledge. Your next step is to practice.

If you have any suggestions on what can be added to this, let me know and I’ll check it out and maybe add it to this guide. Otherwise, thank you for reading this Rocket League Rank Improvement Guide, and see you in Platinum Rank!

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