Runes of Magic: Glitches Galore

This is meant more for the people who play and have begun to notice some of the glitches within the system. I began to play again, as I just purchased another computer, and now have my son, wife, and myself playing. So to help my son out, my wife and I have dual spec'ed, and started out as level 1 humans, so that he can play along side us. Unfortunately, this is when the glitches started to popout at us.

Now I am not saying there were a lot, but having seen 4 of them, in 5 levels, was sad? I saw a bear climb a tree. I saw a level 70 mob, SE of Pioneer's Colony. I also glitched and was hidden behind a wall. And the last, was another bear climbing, but this time he was climbing a door. It's made me wonder just how much they haven't been taking care of the game, and started to let things go a bit...

What do you think?

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