Runes of Magic: Golden Pet Egg Mail Script for RomBot

Here's a simple script for ROMBot, which is for mailing golden eggs to a bank toon with instructions to help you set yours. You need to have ROMBot already setup to use this script.

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What you're going to need is the Ultimate Mail Mod and the Waypoint Files

  1. Extract to your desktop. The zip contains;
    • A folder called "UltimateMailMod" which is the addon.
    • The other is "addon_Rock5s_Mail_Functions.lua"
  2. Extract to your desktop. The zip contains;
    • A folder called "GoldenEgg" containing :"MailGolden.xml" and "GoldenEgg.xml"
  3. Place the "UltimateMailMod" into your AddOns folder.Ex. (C:/Program Files/Runes of Magic/Interface/AddOns)
  4. Place "addon_Rock5s_Mail_Functions.lua" in the Userfunctions folder in Rombot folder.Ex. (C:/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/micromacro/scripts/rom/userfunctions)
  5. Place the "GoldenEggs" folder into your Waypoint folder.Ex. (C:/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/micromacro/scripts/rom/waypoints)Once you have all that setup you will need to edit the "MailGolden.xml"

In the file you'll find the below function.


UMM_SendByNameOrId ("[b]YOURBANKTOONSNAME[/b]", {"Golden Egg","Miller's Special Cake"}); yrest (5000);

Edit the YOURBANKTOONSNAME to your bank toons name xD. This will send all the Golden Eggs and Miller's Special Cake. (Reason I have them send the Miller's Cake is because if not then you have to check them and delete them or their bags fill up with them).

Currently the way the "GoldenEggs.xml" is set up is that it will send 51 Golden Eggs then return to farming for more. If you would lilke to change the amount of eggs sent you will need to edit the "GoldenEgg.xml" file and look for


if( inventory:getItemCount(204792) > [b]50[/b] ) thenloadPaths("Golden-Eggs/MailGolden.xml");end

Change the 50 to whatever number you want. If you want 99 eggs change the value to 98.

The above waypoints are for farming golden eggs in Varanas, and the bot will travel from the mailbox by the bank to the NPC in East part of the city.

I normally start the script by having all my bots at the Mailbox at the bank. Then load "MailGolden"

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