Runes of Magic: MultiHack

Use of hacks can lead to suspensions or bans, use at your own risk!

  1. Save File
  2. Extract
  3. Open Runes of Magic
  4. Open Multi-Hack
  5. Choose which hacks to turn on or off - Wall Climb, No Fall, Zoom, or Speedhack.


Scans Clean with Avast!

2 Responses to Runes of Magic: MultiHack

  1. kaylim says:

    can sum one give me a good multi hack

  2. dongo says:

    I tried 2 make a god-hack (and some other hacks, especially a money-Hack) with packet-editing. I don ‘t get kicked, but I can’t decrypt the packets, they are to good encrypted. Sry 4 my bad English.

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