Runes of Magic: New Diamond Recharge System

If you haven't heard about it, then you probably don't play the game, right? As it turns out, I got this email telling me about this great new recharge system, where I could save even more money, if I bought 600 or more diamonds, cool right? Only one problem, you can't actually purchase 600. You can purchase 490 or 1365, but not 600 (maybe with a pre-paid card or via sms?).

So I decided to check it out and see the new gifting system. You see, my wife plays this game too, and I wanted to get her a perma-mount. It turns out, I wasn't able to gift her one before had to actually buy diamonds on her account to get her the mount. I did try getting to the account management page, but got a blank screen. So wasn't able to see if there was a way to gift items that way.


While I am ragging on Frogster and Runes of Magic, I wanted to place a wonderment in front of you... an awesome game to be sure, constant expansions (now on the fourth?), more features then I could have a want for... but why with all the monies spent, do we still have these cheesy low end graphical characters and mining nodes? Couldn't they spruce up the graphics to make it look less cartoonish, maybe just offer it as a skin replacement for those who don't want everything so bright and cheery? I have several friends who tried WoW, and left after 2 days of play. This game is worse with their graphics. Tone em down a bit boys, and you might find yourself with more older players.

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