Runes of Magic: Revive in same spot as you died – Cheat Death!

This is a known bug, so how long this lasts will remain a mystery, at least until it gets fixed, then we'll know ;).  This simply allows you to revive in the same exact spot you died, however you will have to log out.  However saving you an annoying run through a ton of mobs to get your gravestone back, might be worth it in the end (pun intended).

RoM Gold Guide


  • Die!
  • Type /script Logout() in the chat bar, and hit enter.
  • Wait 10 secs and then select Resurrect.
  • Once in the character selection screen, wait a little bit, then relog.
  • You should revive where you died.

All credit to the original author

for those who caught it, the other pun in the title, was also intended 🙂

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