Runescape: 99 Construction guide

written by Davination


Lvl 1-18

levels 1 through 18 are extremely tedious, because you can use a servant to go and get your planks for you.

Required Materials: Planks. Nails, Hammer, Saw, GOLD
  • Build a Parlour
  • Build the best chair you can (Build Chair, Remove, Build, etc.)

Lvl 19-22

This is a quick level. Repeat the above but with Oak chairs.

Required Materials: Oak Planks (around 100 or so], Hammer, Saw, GOLD

Lvl 23-33

This goes by incredibly fast. At level 26 build a rope bell pull and hire a servant from the servant's guild in East Ardougne.

Once you have a servant, bring all your planks as a note, and have your servant un-note them as you go.

  • Build a Dinning Room
  • Build/Remove Oak Dining Tables (Carved Oak Tables @ 31)

Lvl 33-73

Once you get to level 33, make oak larders! (This one takes a while)

Required Materials: A CRAP LOAD OF OAK PLANKS, Hammer, Saw, GOLD
  • Build a Kitchen
  • Build/Remove Oak Larders

Lvl 74-99

With this one you can go 2 ways, either: Build a Dungeon and make Oak Doors...Ooooor...Make Mahogany tables. (Takes a while too...)

Required Materials: LOTS OF OAK PLANKS and Mahogany Planks, Hammer, Saw, LOTS OF GOLD
  • Build a Dungeon
  • Build/Remove Oak Doors

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  • Go back to Kitchen
  • Build/Remove Mahogany Tables

Enjoy your skill Cape!

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