Stargate Worlds early screenshots

Stargate Worlds, has been in beta for the last year now, and they are still accepting beta slots.  While this is really cool, and the game has already been featured in a movie as well as a TV Show, I thought I would share an early alpha screenshot.  I had found this image after I had been searching through some old posts on the beta forums.

I know, pretty scare monster, right? Actually, that's just a place holder, for where your character would be put in as you changed the appearance.  I think that's a pic of one of the dev's though.

There's one thing I want to point out however, it's the window title, "Unreal Engine 3." This is significant, in that you now know that the MMO is based on, engine wise.  Can it help for game hack? Maybe, but only time will tell.

Here's another alpha screenshot, which shows the game interface.

If you want to take a look at the official image gallery, click here.

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