The Secret World: Early Access Download

 Just a little heads up, for those who are awaiting The Secret World by Funcom, you can download their Beta Client, which will automatically patch to the Early Access Client (and presumably the Release version). Early Access starts Friday the 29th!

Download it here:

Remember: Before your game doesn't work... make sure to get the latest drivers or a better video card.

Did you leave WoW, to play Diablo 3, only to realize it was the same game over and over and over again? Did you think - "Oh Shizz! I'm gonna make moneyz in D3" and didn't? Or even left SWTOR, only to realize there was no PvP, no end game, in fact really nothing? Surprise! Now's your chance to play The Secret World. Purchase: The Secret World Digital Edition, and you will be able to play this coming Friday.

The Secret World Media

  • Join a secret society
    ... and fight for the power to control the world
  • No classes, no levels
    ... experience total freedom of progression
  • A modern-day, real world setting
    ... where all myths, legends and conspiracies are true
  • A storyline unlike anything seen in an MMO
    ... by the creator of The Longest Journey

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