TSW Over Powered Regeneration Build & Guide

secret-world-healingOften people try healing builds out only to realize the benefit of a passive that heals you 20, 30, or 40 HP/second is inconsequential past very early content. Theydon't want to  lock out a passive slot that could be used to DPS enemies down that much faster. This build is one way to make passive “regen” work. The concept is an AOE DPSer that passively heals, without ever actually casting a healing spell.

For some context, I wanted to try this build out of the box, so I started building toward it in Kingsmouth. By the time I got part way into the City of the Sun God, wearing QL7-9 greens, I learned about the “nightmare” roman legion area in the first part of Egypt. I went back there and with no blues other than a QL8 weapon from Egypt tokens, was able to farm packs of 5 zombies or the 6 legionnaire packs in that area. Others were having trouble doing the quest there. When I got to Trans, still in my mostly QL 8 or 9 gear, with a few 10s from those roman mobs, I immediately went to the signet quest from the church and soloed it no problem, pulling 4 nightmare ghouls at a time.

This build does have some limitations. DPS only really shines when you have the luxury of pulling 5-7 mobs at a time. Now that I’m in Trans, I’m working on ways to increase my single target DPS, but the nice part is still knowing it’s very hard to die.

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