Rift: Puzzle of the Mysterious Plaques Secret Revealed!

In an earlier post, we mentioned these mysterious plaques, and that we couldn't figure out what they were for, other then they transport you randomly around towers. Well, it turns out, it isn't so random, and that it's actually a puzzle. The solution to the puzzle, is a reward of a treasure chest. To find out how to get to it, keep reading.


Rift 1-50 Defiant Guardian Leveling Guides & Class Builds

Achievement: Puzzled at the Top of the World
Location: Silverwood (6515, 3080)
Special Notes: Maximum item level is level 30.

When you first click the Mysterious Plaque, you will be transported to the top of a tower. Turn right, and goto the first plaque you get to. Rinse/Repeat 4 more times, and you will come across a broken tower with a treasure chest.

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