Best VPN Comparison Chart 2017 Edition

These days, it's not just the criminals and the terrorists who need a VPN, everyone does - even you. Your government IS spying on you. It's a given. Microsoft email users have each and every attachment viewed, whether it's video or pictures - could be private information like family pictures, or other nefarious images. The point is, it's not just Microsoft at the behest of the government, it's every known service out there. Microsoft has stated they do this and will end a person's access to their services, if caught with illegal images or images which may offend.

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Best VPN Comparison ChartFacebook one of the most popular social media websites out there, allows the government to access your profile, even if it's marked private. The government does use social media to spy on you. I am going to tell you a secret you might not know about - potential employers can pay a fee to read your private profile. I know someone who works for the government, who admitted to using social media to track people. It just so happened it was so they could verify supposed income - but the point is that that's just one small branch of the government.

It doesn't stop there, your ISP tracks every website you visit. Just because you press CTRL-N (new private browser window), doesn't mean you aren't tracked. In fact your ISP likely tracks the websites you visit and keeps the data for 1 to 7 days. Britain's ISP's were told they need to keep data now for 7 days. Using this Best VPN Comparison Chart, will stop ISPs from spying on you.

Best VPN Comparison Chart

Now you can use something like TOR to anonymize your traffic, there are also free proxies you can use to hide your data on your browser, but what if you aren't using a browser that offers this - or even worse, you're downloading large chunks of data - possibly with Torrents? This is where you really need a VPN (or various proxies you can utilize). Additionally, TOR tends to be very slow, and it IS possible to find people using it. It's even possible to find .onion sites. Sometimes it's from leaking code, sometimes from data breaches, sometimes from their very employees. Now searching for these sites is difficult, but it is possible. Once a site is found, it's only a matter of time, before one or more governments is using it to capture all the users of that site in an entrapment scheme. So while TOR can help to keep you anonymous, I would rather invite you to look at the Best VPN Comparison Chart before you go with TOR.

By now, you've probably heard about the NSA spying on all of it's citizens. Last year, the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) also listened in on conversations, and used the information to catch drug dealers. They did this without people's knowledge, they did it without consent of a judge, they just figured if you aren't dealing then you have nothing to worry about. The USA is becoming a very scary place to live. Do you remember when I told you that Microsoft was snooping through everyone's email? They also control most VOIP calls (Voice Over IP) - those which are done over Skype. How much do you want to bet, they are listening in on those calls too? You can find a VPN service on our Best VPN Comparison Chart, which will also allow you to protect your freedoms on your phone and computer when using Skype or other VOIP programs.


Did you know that those people who now use the Amazon Echo, Google Home, ivee, Mycroft, etc. a device which allows you to speak to your home or computer, and then have it do things with voice control including ordering online or working directly with SMART homes, can actually be used as a spying device? All it takes is for the device to hear any words on a short list. Sure, you could simply say Alexa, order me a pizza. But these devices can be activated by a TV commercial (November 2016 - many people awoke to find baby cribs waiting at their doors). And those short words? I don't have a list, but I do have an idea of what they could be - centered around terrorist attacks in various languages no less. Now with Google's device, you can goto your account and delete conversations, but this isn't true for all devices - and sadly this Best VPN Comparison Chart isn't going to help you, since you connect directly to the web and hit a service which is able to spy on you. You could apply a VPN or proxy to your router, but this only encrypts the data end points and won't stop the device from listening for keywords, which it then can use to record all your data with. Most people won't actually have to deal with these issues, but just remember they CAN be used to spy on you.

Before I show you the Best VPN Comparison Chart, I want to mention one other way which you are being tracked, with which a VPN can help you. Wireless Hotspots. Most people have the default WiFi on, which means when there is a nearby wifi connection, they will automatically connect. Using this connection, your devices can then be breached - or just have all the data transmitted copied as it were. This then opens you up to known malware such as Gooligan (for Android) which can be used to access anything you use your attached Google account with. This includes photos, user data, and emails. If you have a VPN running in the background, then there is no chance you will hacked via a data breach. However, it's always best to have that VPN just in case. I also recommend you turn off your automatic data connection when you can. You will have to sort through the settings on your phone to disable these options, and might have to turn on developer options as well.

I can't stress how important it is to have a VPN these days. There are some which are truly anonymous which won't track your data, and then there are others which also spy on you - but won't attempt to harm you. These work much like ISP's which track where you go and how long you're on the site for. This is why you need this Best VPN Comparison Chart. I have to be honest here, the Best VPN Comparison Chart is based on which VPN is the best to torrent with, but for those of us who do not torrent, the information is still invaluable.

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Best VPN Comparison Chart

At some point, you need to realize that people are losing their freedoms, at the cost of security. It might not have happened to you - yet. But it's happening to many people all over the world, we are being cocooned and kept away from those who are different from us. It might be terrorists, it might be drug dealers - and while I am all for those, it bothers me that I am not given a chance to decide what is right for me, and what isn't. Hopefully, this Best VPN Comparison Chart 2017 Edition will help you to decide what you want to do, in terms of anonymity and how to avoid your government from watching you.


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