Emsisoft Anti-Malware + Hitman Pro Sale – 5 days ONLY

A couple weeks ago, I switched from Avast AntiVirus, Comodo Firewall, and Spybot Search & Destroy over to Emsisoft’s AntiMalware and Online Armor after reading about some independent studies which showed that Avast was no longer top dog as far as protection went. I also was shopping for a new firewall because Comodo is really confusing as all hell to work with, wasn’t doing it’s job, and wasn’t allowing what I told it to allow.


If you’re using a hotspot or open network, your firewall won’t protect your data. Use a VPN to protect your personal information.


I know some would argue that your hardware firewall is all you need, but with running this site, as well as testing a lot of the softwares out there first, I need something strong. Emsisoft was the answer I was looking for.

Now I have been using the 30 day AntiMalware key, and it’s about to run out. I also saw an article I wanted to read about security software, and up popped an offer I didn’t want to ignore. Emsisoft is offering a 1 year license for 3 computers, for their anti-malware, and throwing in a 1 year license for 3 computers for HitMan Pro, which is a cloud scanner/second opinion for anti-malware scanning. You get all 3 of these for 3 computers for 1 year for only $49.95. Normal price of one computer would be $85+. This is well worth the cost!

I also grabbed the link, in case anyone else is interested in this offer…


 WARNING! This is good for 5 days only. Buy now, or wait till it goes on sale again…


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