Free Unlimited Traffic VPN – 1 Year

I found this Free Unlimited Traffic VPN, good for 1 year, at absolutely no cost. All I can say, is !!! Use it to anonymize your traffic, and hide your activities from your ISP - which is required in many countries to keep track of the sites you visit. You can also use it to bypass regional restrictions.

This is a limited time offer - normal cost is $20 yearly!

UPDATE: As of 23 March 2017, the US Senate passed a bill which allows ISPs to collect and sell your browsing history. It's very important you do what you can to protect yourself from ISPs. You need a VPN. Read more about the article here. Remember, the US isn't the only ones spying on you. The UK government must keep 1 week of browsing history on you as well. An ISP will protect you in this instance. If you can't afford a VPN, get this free one. It will prevent ISPs from doing you damage. If you can afford one, get TrustZone (trackerless VPN) or YourPrivateProxy (only for browsers/mobile devices).

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Free Unlimited Traffic VPN 

Free Unlimited Traffic VPN - 1 YearListen, I have been sharing information on keeping you free from the hands of opressors for years now, sharing anything from VPNs and the very best security softwares, but this one is simply exciting! Normally about this time, I would tell you to buy a private proxy (to also be used for games or on mobile), but this deal I am sharing with you, is too good to pass up.

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