One Response to FYI-> 44 million stolen gaming credentials

  1. Spitt says:

    While impressive, the insider information, is what the people are missing and thus bloating the actual value of the database.

    WoW accounts, unverified, sell for about $3 each. What ends up happening, is that a gold farmer in China, will buy a list of accounts, and then depending on the characters and items on the account, either use the account to hack farm, which uses a game hack, to allow them to farm around 5k gold a day, or they will sell all the items, trading their gold to their delivery accounts. Once the gold is all traded, they will then begin advertising in game.

    Accounts which aren’t active, either get added to a list to check later, or have stolen credit card numbers made to pay for the accounts. Then used to farm or take gold and advertise.

    If accounts are used to hack farm, then they will usually get banned within 3 days.

    These accounts rarely make it up onto auction sites. It’s usually safer to sell to farmers, and farmers will take all accounts.

    Now before you assume that the company you are using to buy gold from, doesn’t support and promote account hacking, let me assure you that most sites do. However there is an extent do which they do. Some sites sell stolen gold, but don’t farm the gold (no real way of knowing where it comes from). Some sites sell botted gold (a lesser evil). Some sell gold, they themselves farm. Some of course sell gold that they farm, and advertise in game. These sites buy stolen accounts. There is another type, they buy the accounts, and hack farm on them, but don’t advertise. They seem like legit sites, but aren’t. Which sites do this? From experience, and trying to sell legit accounts in mass, I have been told that IGE and WoWMine (plus all their other subsidiaries), hack farm, but don’t advertise in game. This makes them seem more legit, and raises their profits to the roof, since they charge more (making them seem legit).

    I can assure you that doesn’t advertise in game, nor do we hackfarm. But we can’t know that the gold, comes from botters or account hackers – however we have never had a customer’s account suspended or banned, which leads me to believe that we sell botted gold.

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