Bypass survey walls with fake information – Tutorial

How to bypass survey walls with fake information is a tutorial meant for those who have never encountered a survey wall. It's meant to guide you through, so you can download the content from this site (and others) without the need to pay anything.How to bypass survey walls with fake information All VIP Members, can bypass all of the Survey downloads. If you are trying to visit other sites with them, then being able to bypass survey walls, without putting in your real information will likely be a god send for you.

Way back in 2001 we started charging for the site. And for the most part, cheats and premium guides are still going to cost you to see what's inside the site. But in 2015, we decided to make an offer for those of you who don't want to pay for access to this site. So we added survey downloads and Bitcoin Downloads. Bitcoin Downloads were a flop and were removed. We would rather have subscribers, but for the person who just wants 1 download, it's a viable option. Most people however, don't know how to bypass survey walls which is why we are providing you this information today.

Bypass survey walls

Online Worldwide PokerSo here's the guide on how to bypass surveywalls, with fake information. Let me start out this guide, stating this method on How to bypass survey walls with fake information is not about hacking the sites. There is no download, there is no magic trick, there is simply a method to filling them out with fake information - even though they ask for real information.

There are several sites which host these files and due to this, there are no actual file bypassers. The problem here is that sure, at one time there might have been a way to bypass them all, not anymore. With more and more survey sites popping up, no tool will work 100% of the time. But alas, there is still a way to get your download - read on.

Bypass Survey Walls with Fake Info

In order to actually pass through these survey walls, you need to fill out some information - but no one ever said you need to fill it out with your own information. But that also doesn't mean you can just randomly create some fake information. Why not, you ask? Well for one thing, assuming you live in the USA, then your social security number will tell which state and year range you were born in. This is not common knowledge. In fact if a European were to place fake info into a survey wall, would they know that social security numbers were 9 digits and no letters? Maybe, maybe not. Again, it's nigh impossible to make a fake one, without a bit of science behind it.

While it's possible to fake information, but maybe not accurately, this is where a site which specializes in this type of information comes in. I am going to refer you to a site which specializes in providing fake information. You won't need to pay for the service, but you might want to allow it access to a Google Profile, so that it can provide all of the access.

How to bypass survey walls with fake information

I blurred out some "pertinent information". You won't be using this profile, so you won't need it. All survey walls are programmed so that the survey must be marked as completed, you can use fake information to fill the survey out.

Fake Information Generator

One of the better sites for this is FakeNameGenerator, which will allow you to generate a completely fake identity, including name, phone number, address, occupation, social security or NINO number, and much more. You can even customize the information, as I have done in the screenshot below.

How to bypass survey walls with fake information

You will even find a generated credit card, expiration, and CVV2 code, the card won't actually work though. So generate an new identity, and gather all of the information you will need to fill out the survey. Remember to keep the window open, or copy to a text file for easy access. Then go ahead and fill out the survey using your fake personal information.

If you need to use a valid email address, create a free account with the service of your choice (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc). DO NOT use 1 time usage emails, as these can be blocked or watched. Use the information in the website to create your email account as well.

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Now you're golden

Once everything is gathered, you will be able download whatever you want, at any time from any site with a survey wall, including this one - no survey wall bypass needed. If this guide on How to bypass survey walls with fake information came in handy, please share it with others.

TIP: When completing surveys, use a sandboxed browser. If any software is downloaded to your computer, you can simply delete the contents of a sandbox quickly. Try Sandboxie for this (we use it).

I have one final tip for using this Bypass survey walls with fake information tutorial. Never use the information in an account where you are worried it might get lost. In other words, don't use the informations in game accounts. If something happens to it, and you need to send in an ID, you won't be able to prove its your account. And while you might be thinking no one would be this stupid... I once sold 100 WoW accounts to a site which was buying them in bulk. We used the information from a site like the one above. And an employee of theirs stole the accounts. We never were able to recover them, even though we had all the information for them. After that, we learned our lesson, and used only real names on the accounts... somewhere out there, I have some 100s of accounts in my name.

Please let me know if this Bypass survey walls with fake information tutorial helped you, by sharing or commenting.

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