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If you'isp-blockedve ever been ISP Blocked, it usually starts with limited access, and finally, a lack there of. Now for me, when I became ISP Blocked, I just thought something was wrong with my computer, my ethernet card, maybe even my router. But lo and behold, there was something else afoot. You see, where I am staying now, they offer free ethernet internet access. Simply plug in your wifi, and good to go.

But alas, then the internet went out. I tried unplugging the router, connecting directly to the wall. I even tried connecting over wifi. Same problem. I then complained that the internet wasn't working where I was staying. They ended up rebooting their routers and calling in some repairmen to fix the issue. They said all was fixed...

It wasn't. I still couldn't connect, not even through the wall, let alone the WiFi in the area. So, we moved - albeit it was only a short distance, same internet. That's when I found I had the same problem, and that my friends is when I realized I was ISP Blocked.

HideMyAss VPN

ISP Blocked - Solution

So how I shouldn't be ISP Blocked, right? Well my IP had changed, but still the same problem - I still had no internet, still ISP Blocked. I came across a different solution. Why not just use a different computer. Easy, right? I logged in, started updating the computer I was going to use, installed BitComet, even started downloading an old torrent. By old, I mean 8 years old, unlikely to be any type of DMCA issues... and then my speed dropped off, and then, no internet. Nothing, not even my browser was working.

*sigh* OK, so we know that they aren't blocking my IP, and we know it's with the same ISP - likely scenario? MAC Address! As it happens, I have heard of locking game hacks to MAC addresses and I also have heard of people using the same MAC Address - or rather spoofing the MAC Address to allow multiple people to use the same game hack. This can be easier then using passwords and servers at times.

So, in my particular case, I had to look up how to spoof a MAC Address to stop getting ISP Blocked? This is actually fairly simple, but requires a reboot and some basic knowledge, which you will learn here. Unfortunately, the technology does exist to do this on Android and IOSX, but you need a rooted phone in order to spoof a MAC Address. Since my phone isn't rooted, I am skipping this tutorial.

Instead, I am going to focus on what to do on Windows. I am not sure how to do this with a Mac or Linux, so you will have to search elsewhere for that info.

Spoof your MAC Address on Windows.

  1. ISP Blocked - Solution - Spoof Mac AddressIn order to Spoof your MAC Address on a Windows computer, follow these simple steps...
  2. Open Control Panel
  3. Find your Device Manager (could be under Hardware and Sound)
  4. Click on Network Adapters
  5. Then find your network card (usually says something like Ethernet in it)
  6. Right Click on it, and click on Properties
  7. Goto the Advanced Tab
  8. Now find the option to change the value of the Network Card.
  9. You will need to save your options and then reboot.

For other OS' you can follow this guide.

Please note, there is another solution to Spoofing as well. You do not actually need to go through all that B.S. or you might have to use this if you have an nVidia card, like I do. nVidia, doesn't allow you to spoof a MAC Address with their software. For people such as we, we have to use another solution.

ISP Blocked - Solution: Mac Address ChangerThis other ISP Blocked - Solution is using a program to do it for us. And actually it's a lot easier and doesn't require a reboot. You can use Lizard System's Mac Address Changer. The only issue, is the cost, but well worth it, as it can randomize for you and can even choose a different name for your network card. It will cost you about $20.

For our VIP members, I have found a way to save a bit of the money on the above ISP Blocked Solution mentioned above...


HideMyAss.comOf course you can avoid all this mess, by just using a high speed VPN when you torrent or visit sites which your ISP will block. But here's where I found out an important fact. Not all VPN's are created equal. Some VPN's will actually block torrents, for example CyberGhost. CyberGhost has long been the one I have used, but alas, no torrenting. So now, it's time to move on. This is where HideMyAss VPN comes in. HideMyAss is not only good for spoofing your address, but also allows torrenting. Sounds like a win-win to me. Of course I will also be teaching you how to make your own VPN - but that's a story for a later time...


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