Java Security Issues

Everyone uses Java. If you have an older phone, a car, any kind of computer, heck even a smart toaster,  you run Java. But running Java, there are some security issues you should be aware of. I bet most people consider that when you install a new version of Java, that it should automatically plug any leaks that were opened in the old versions. This isn't actually true.

For Banking, Gaming, and Overall WiFi security

Does this mean your Toaster is going to get hacked? Probably. In fact those days when your toast comes out completely burnt, that's because some hacker broke into your WiFi and decided to screw with you...or maybe not.

But on a more serious note, it's important that you remove old versions of Java. In most applications, when a patch comes through the wire, they simply write over the holes, effectively filling them. In the case of Java, they leave them there, waiting for someone to step in one and use it to smash through your barricades of defense. Why do they do it this way? I have no clue, however there is an easy solution. Remove the past versions.

remove-javaNow before you go running off, searching how to uninstall the old versions of Java, I should warn you that older games may not run on the newer versions of Java. So if you are playing an older game, and you KNOW it uses Java, find out which version, so you can leave that one up. I mention this, because I know some people have written bots and scripts for use in games, with Java. 

So how do you remove Java? There is actually a simple tool at the Java website, which will allow you to remove old versions. Click Here, to remove them. Note: You must install the latest Java, to remove the older ones. Alternatively, you can use any 3rd party removal program or the Add/Remove Tool in Windows.

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