Multibox without VMWare

Multibox without VMWareToday, we're going to go over how to Multibox without VMWare. Running multiple games with VMWare keeps all of the program separate, but it costs a lot of resources in terms of computer power to run them.

So we are going to use a different method to Multibox without VMWare. Instead, we are going to use Sandboxie, which is a program which runs programs in "sandboxes" or separate areas on your system.

This should work for most games!

Multibox without VMWare

The benefits of running Sandboxie for your games, is being able to run more clients even on lower end systems. Additionally, you won't need to do any complex setups to have multiple clients running. By this I mean, when you setup VMWare, it's like each VMWare or Virtual box, needs to have it's OS installed, and each of the games, needs to be patched separately. Both of these methods, Sandboxie and VMWare will not only allow you to run multiple sessions of the same game, but also neither of them allows one session to be in contact with another.

It is possible to run one bot, if the bot is a pixel based bot with only mouse clicks, to be run for multiple sessions of sandboxed games. However, should you want to use a bot or game hack which requires reading of memory, memory manipulation, or even key-presses, then you will need to run them in the proper sandboxes.

It should be noted that, any game patching, needs to be run outside the sandbox. Otherwise, each and every version of the game will need to be updated individually. So it's best to patch, close the game, and then run them sandboxed. What happens otherwise, is that the sandbox version is updated, but any changes made to the game are virtual, and not applied across the other sandboxes.


Multibox without VMWare Instructions

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