Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams

I have seen these Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams, and it's time to shed some light on them. If you are someone who likes Hulu Plus or Netflix (I do!), then you might have tried searching for an alternative way to get a subscription, maybe a 1 month, 3 months, or a 1 year, or even a lifetime account. They have all these listings on ebay, and I am sure other auctions and selling sites as well.
Everytime you don't use a VPN, you risk your credit cards, gaming accounts, and bank information being stolen.

Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime SCAMS

These Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams, are not scams in the normal sense. They aren't scamming you. Instead, they are scamming Netflix and Hulu Plus. How this "scam" is perpetrated, is simple. They use stolen credit cards, to purchase these gift certificates, which they then sell to you. The credit cards cost about $1-$2 each and can be used a few times, if they are lucky. If the balance is too low, they purchase lower time certificates.

Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams

There is a new scam going around, which is the Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams. This one is one of the best ones, in terms of ideas. On average, when you purchase an item with your credit card, you get 1 year to make a chargeback. On some cards, that goes up to 2 years. So as long as they provide you a new account, every month, for 2 years, they get to keep the money. Or... if they are smart, they are rotating accounts and draining them quickly with PayPal. In any case, this is a scam in the same way as above. Instead of a 1 year certificate, they purchase 1 month certificates. Then they give you access to the account listings. As soon as they hit about 3-4 users, they hide the account. The best thing about this Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scam - in their eyes, is they are paying $1-$2 for a stolen credit card info, and then getting back around $100 per account.

So who does this hurt? Not you - other then it's morally wrong. Not them - they make the money. Not the guy whose card was stolen - Credit Cards will refund the monies. It hurts Hulu Plus and it hurts Netflix - They provide service you haven't paid for.

Note: Stolen Credit Cards are often called Black Cards, as in Black Market. These cards can also be used in games, such as World of Warcraft, Rift, Secret World, and other popular games for various functions.


I wish I could say that was the only way to scam. There is one final one, and I actually find it funny in a sick and twisted way. It's the actual subscription which they send via US mail.  Someone will steal an unactivated card, take a picture of it (or maybe a video), and then mail it to the person, charging the person outlandish mailing fees, while collecting proof they mailed it, and that it was received. Imagine a Hulu Plus 3 year card, being sold. Value, around $300. Sells for $180. Deal Right? Nope the card is worthless because it hasn't been activated. But... the person signed for it, and scratched the code off. This goes to who-ever a credit card company or ebay, and they determine in the view of the seller, since all necessary proof was collected.

Now, if someone does pull this Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scam on you, what you need to do, besides fight it, is go talk to the local postmaster. This one actually constitutes mail fraud, which is a Federal Offense if caught, which in turn means Federal Prison - not a nice one, but it's going to happen.

Sadly, any of those 3 above listed scams, will also work on other things as well. Take for example XBox Live or Xbox Live Gold. The last one will even work with other giftcards like Red Lobster and Station Cards. All I can say, it purchase from an actual store - even a gold site - but NEVER from ebay. What's the difference? A Gold Site is all about their reputation. The scammers on ebay, eventually get banned, and then have to make new accounts, setting up shop again.

UPDATE: It appears there is a new scam variation. Someone sells you access to their NetFlix account. They pay $9 a month, then charge you $3-5 a month. As long as you don't change the password, you're free to use it to watch anything on the account. Now it's not in line with the other ones, but it's still a scam because the seller is defrauding NetFlix out of a potential customer. Win-Win for you, because you're paying $3-$5 a month. Win-Win for the seller because they get free Netflix AND an extra $5-$15 per account.

Nov 2015 Update! Ok, so I old you about the Netflix and Hulu Plus 1-Year and Lifetime Scams. But I haven't told you about a TV Streaming software, which IS free. Its Commercial Free! And is fairly simple to setup... Free Netflix Hulu Replacement & Alternative. I have verified it does work, and the only recommendation I am inclined to tell you about, is that you NEED a VPN. Click the link above, and follow the instructions. Make sure you get yourself a VPN! While we recommend HMA, you can also find some here - which are lifetime VPNs. They go on sale every couple weeks, so make sure you check back on the site every day.

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