Offtopic: Free Ad-Aware Pro 9

December 27, 2010 There is a one day offer to get Ad-Aware Pro a normally $29.99 (saw it for $19.99 too) Today's Exclusive Sale Sales ends 12/28/2010 @ 6:00AM PST.

A few things to note

1. Since this is software, there are a few more steps involved to get the free copy of the Ad-Aware Pro. You will receive detailed steps, please follow them closely.
2. Click the Buy Now button and fill in a couple of details, on the final page click 'Get Product Now' where you will find a download link and serial number.
3. Installation - First run the installation.
4. Activation - Once you have installed you will be promoted to register, at this time please enter the Serial Number provided to start using Ad-Aware Pro

Please note that Ad-Aware is available for Windows PC's only.

Even if you don't plan on using this as your full time anti virus package, I have seen in reviews that Ad-Aware is ranked very high in detection....

So if nothing else you can use it as a "checker" to see if your present stuff has missed anything by just getting it and using it as a "stand alone" not on, not on your start menu...

A friend of mine is stubborn and said my norton is good enough for me!

I said fine but had he ever watched a professional landscaping crew mow peoples lawns?

He said Umm yeah, so?

I said you notice how cutting the lawn once isn't good enough, they cut up and down, across, diagonal, and even in the ever decreasing squares or whatever the shape of the lawn because ONE cutting isn't enough to get those stubborn clumps of grass that bend but don't cut....

Anyway just a heads up

more security tips for 2011 to follow....

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