PDF and Excel trojans

Everytime I think I know most everything there is to know about about the functions and where trojans come from, something new pops up on my radar.  For the context of this blog, you might wonder why I am posting news on this? It's because while we are a cheat site, we are an anti-account hacking site.  To that end, any information I find which could be used to mess with your account, for any game, I try to report them here.

So imagine my surprise when I find a blog posting exploits to Excel spreadsheets, as well as to Foxit and Adobe PDF files. This is of course a solution, but probably not in the normal slew of virus checkers. Maybe at a later time these will be added, who knows.

There are games meant to run within Excel spreadsheets, they are meant for workers who have had games removed from their computers.  There is one which is a simple spreadsheet with a game embedded which is only detected as a spreadsheet, so allowed to run... but in reality an info stealer.

Additionally, within both FoxIt and Adobe PDF's, someone can run a Launch command, which will allow them to launch an embedded file.  While both will try to stop them, the perpetrators, can change the default message, thus fooling you into ignoring the warnings and to ok, the command.

You can find out more information as well as download one of their tools to detect malicious PDF's from Didier Stevens' blog.

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