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Wouldn't it be nice if there was a Proxy Scraper, Proxy Scraperwhich would allow you to not only scrape proxies from popular websites, but also to test them to make sure they are both valid, and fast? Now there is. This Proxy Scraper will not only scrape websites automatically, but allow you to enter in source code for websites, grabbing their proxies that they won't easily show.

Proxy Scraper

Depending on the amount of work I want to put in, I can grab 2500-10,000 proxies in a few minutes. If I scape with the settings which are provided, then I get 2500 proxies. If I give the Proxy Scraper a set of pages to scrape, I can easily muster 10k. But once I do all that, I re-run them though the program and then have them check the proxies to make sure they are all good.

In order to scrape proxies, you will need to know 3 basic commands (in Windows). Ctrl-A which highlights everything. Ctrl-C, which copies everything. And Ctrl-V which pastes. You will highlight a webpage with proxies listed. Copy everything, and then paste them in your Proxy Scraper. Then, it's time to press Start.

Proxy scraper then will check each of the proxies you have scraped, and check to make sure they are all valid. Everything which is good, gets spit into a text file, which you can then plug into your proxy firewall or browser and do what needs doing, using the new proxies.

Nothing you are doing with this program is against any law - save perhaps North Korea or China where content can't be hidden from the regime. But if you're stuck behind one of those countries, the better option might be a VPN, which is why we recommend Windscribe. Even their free plan gives you 10gb monthly, for free. If you're stuck in an oppressive country grab a free proxy, signup for a VPN, then use the VPN to scrape proxies.

buy private proxies
Use a Proxy Firewall to force Traffic through your proxies.

Download Proxy Scraper

NOTE: Press  SKIP AD  at the top of the link, to get to the download page. We use Adfly to mask all links and prevent bots from issuing automatic DMCA removal requests (and it works surprisingly well). If you need a link shortener for an adult site, you can use this one to monetize your site.

250 Free Proxies - <999ms Ping

Here's a list of 250 proxies I scraped and ran through the checker, with a maximum timeout of 999ms. It's not good for gaming, but will provide a faster response than most other public proxies.

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