Rehash EXE Game Hacks – Change its Signature

Today, we're going to give you a tool which can be used to Rehash EXE Game Hacks.Rehash EXE Game Hacks This makes it so that if someone has created a game hack that is in an exe format (extension), then you can change it's signature, which in turn makes it so that it's not automatically detected by a game company. Mind you, if the company is using some sort of heuristic method to catch game hackers, then this method will not work.

This Rehash EXE Game Hacks tool, is similar to the Simple PE Cipher which we posted the other day, which effectively rehashes DLL files (where you inject the hack personally).

Please note: We have not tested this on Cheat Engine, to see whether this will change Cheat Engine's signature, making it undetectable or not. Also, we cannot guarantee that this will make the game hack you want to use undetectable, thus Use at your own risk!

Rehash EXE Game Hacks

So this Rehash EXE Game Hacks tool is fairly straight forward. This application changes the hash of any executable without affecting its functionality. It does this by appending a block of sixteen bytes to the end of the file. The first byte of the block is always zero, followed by eight randomized bytes and finishing off with seven zero bytes. Files must end with ".exe" in order to be processed. Multiple file support is included.

Instructions are located within the archive, see Instructions.txt for more details.


Download Rehash EXE Game Hacks tool

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