Sandboxie for gamers

Sandboxie for gamers

Sandboxie for gamersIf you're new to the world of gaming, then you might wonder how Sandboxie could be a great tool for gamers. Well first I should clarify. Sandboxie is good for gamers who like to bot or use game hacks. While VMWare is good if you want to run on multiple operating systems for each of your clients, if you plan to run multiple windows, you don't really need all those VMWare boxes running concurrently, when you can just use Sandboxie.


Sandboxie for gamers

So where does this lead. Well here's the one problem which you will run into with Sandboxie... you need to pay for it. Unless you plan to run only a max of 2 sessions. The cost for Sandboxie however is minimal. It costs $21 for 1 year, or $35 for a lifetime license. If you do plan on using it to bot, then you might consider a 3 or 5 computer license but for the average botter/game hack user, 1 should do it.


Of course a great tool for multiple clients is ISBoxer because of the ability run commands across clients - and it will sandbox for you as well, but the cost for this is a bit higher then Sandboxie. ISBoxer actually runs at $50 a year. If you are botting, or link your clients within the Sandboxie client, you can multibox as well with Sandboxie at a cheaper then $50 a year cost.


HideMyAss.comIf you plan to run bots and game hacks, then Sandboxie might be more in your style, and the memory footprint is going to be a lot less then running VMWare, as each client needs to run in it's own VMWare box, lessening the amount of resources you have for gaming.


I personally run Sandboxie while I am working, to Make Money, while I am AFK with this $$$ system. I like to use Sandboxie to protect my computer and in turn my gaming enjoyment by keeping trojans and other malware off my system, even while I am testing the same for you to ensure it's safe for your use.


The nicest thing about Sandboxie, is that it's nagware. You get 30 days free usage, and after 30 days, you get a nag screen everytime it loads. However it won't stop you from loading it and using it. However having the full version does have some benefits as well. Mainly unlimited sandboxes and forcing of programs to always run sandboxed.


Of course VIP membership to this site, also has it's benefits...


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