Security: Avast! got an update

I swear by Avast! anti-virus, and am now pleased that they added something which has been annoying me every single night.  I don't remember when it was, but I had added a regular scan every night of my system.  Unfortunately, in 4.8, they made it so you couldn't schedule what time or day you wanted the scan on, so each night, as I watched shows with my family, the sound would be garbled. I was severely tempted to pirate a copy of their pro version, to fix it, and then downgrade back to the free version.

In 5.x, they have addressed this in the free version and are now allowing you to again change when to run the scan.  So once a week, 6am for me!

You can get more info, from their website about the new version.

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  1. TomRiddle says:

    For me the only thing I dis-liked about Avast! was that if it found a bug it wouldn’t continue the scan until you removed/moved to chest

    With the 5 version it runs the scan until completion and displays all that it has found, to deal with at once.

    Also, after researching that bug that hit my computer I found out that running your anti-virus programs while in safe mode is more effective.



    Often the only way to correctly remove certain persistent virus and spyware programs is to run your system in safe mode. Many forms of malicious software will protect or reinstall themselves constantly if they are allowed to start in the first place. These programs will situate themselves in one of the many autorun locations in the Windows XP registry and file structure, so when Windows is started normally, so is the offending software, running as a process in the background.

    When you start the PC in safe mode, these autorun locations are not used, and no software is started automatically. This can allow virus and spyware removal programs the opportunity they need to correctly and completely remove the malicious software.

    If you are having virus or spyware problems on your PC, you should always run antivirus and anti-spyware programs in safe mode to ensure that they have maximum effect. If you are following manual virus removal instructions from a website like, they will often require safe mode also.

    end of quote

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