Simple PE Cipher – Encrypt Game Hack DLLs

So the idea behind this Simple PE CipherSimple CE Cipher is to Encrypt Game Hack DLLs before injection. This should make each and every DLL unique, which in turn makes it harder for game hacks to be detected. 

Now an older method to doing this was to pumping crap onto the end of the file. However in some games, this no longer works. So an idea was hatched and Simple PE Cipher was born. Basically it just manipulates a few values within the PE structure and also rewrites some data into the .text section.

This, unlike older ciphers, should work to fool various games' hash logic.


Simple PE Cipher Instructions

  1. Download the .zip and extract it (see below for download instructions).
  2. Run "Simple PE Cipher.exe".
  3. Press the browse button to locate your Dll.
  4. Press "Run Cipher", if all goes as expected you should see a "Cipher Completed Successfully" message box appear.
  5. Inject the .dll.

A backup of the original .dll is also created (with a .bak extension) in the same directory as the ciphered dll so you can revert at any time if something goes wrong. 

Download Simple PE Cipher

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Simple PE Cipher was written in Win32 C++ by user VisualBasics

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