Twitch Steam Hacking

Twitch Steam Hacking

There's been a few Twitch Steam Hacking problems Twitch Steam Hackingover the last few days. In fact a bit of a hoopla over the last couple weeks with Twitch. What is Twitch? Twitch allows you to stream your game play so that others can watch what you're doing, and even chat with you, as you play. It's a unique perspective, which has gained quite a few followers for some gamers. These gamers if they have enough followers then promote products which in turn gain them some money. Now I mentioned Twitch Steam Hacking Problems. There have been those as well as some solutions, which you can read below.

Twitch Steam Hacking Warning

First of all, Twitch seems to have courted a few buyers, and it now seems as though Amazon will be Twitch's new partner. Why Amazon? Because Amazon has been delving into more and more variety of products over the last year or so. There is the failed Fire Phone (which sold only 150k units thus far), then fail Kindle (why get one of these overpriced monstrosities versus a cheaper Android with free Kindle software?), and now their Amazon Prime service, which gets you movie content like Netflix. Don't get me wrong here, I think this is a great idea for them. In fact, I just finished watching their 5 pilot episodes, and I can see 2-3 of them as pretty unique offerings which I might follow. There is also Amazon Local, which is a bit like Groupon. I haven't really got too much into that one, but it seems to offer pretty much the same thing.

So what are the Twitch Steam Hacking problems? Well actually it's the curse that all gamers worry about, and thats hackers. These hackers however are using innocuous looking streaming channels to hock their wares, in this case Steam Account stealing software. It starts out simple, you follow a link, then you get infected with a Java trojan which auto-downloads some screen logging software, which then accesses your steam account, purchasing who knows what, and gifting the items to others. They can then also go into your game accounts, and steal any items you may have acquired.

I did mention that there are a couple solutions to the Twitch Steam Hacking, right? Well the best solution is not to be caught up in this BS in the first place, which means not clicking any link from any user on Twitch. The second solution, is to have a good Anti-Malware software running on your computer. I can't tell you how much I recommend Emsisoft, but even Avast or AVG are excellent alternatives (Norton's is one of the worst). A good firewall will also help, but ensure that you have program control on, so that you can see anything fishy being run, like a trojan, backdoor, or Remote Admin Tool (RAT). Other then that, keep a sharp eye on your credit card tied to your Steam Account. For me, I have email alerts if any purchase exceeds $10, and I get the alert to my phone AND to my computer via popup.

One thing I should also mention is that if someone does steal using your Steam Powered account with this Twitch Steam Hacking, Valve will not issue refunds. So DO keep a tight lid on your account, and remember it's a good idea to change your password monthly. If you've already lost your items, you may not have much recourse, but Valve customer service is always a good first stop.

Tip: Twitch is a very good place to watch games in beta or pre-release. For example, I caught a glimpse of Archeage the highly anticipated new release from the makers of Rift (Trion). Here's a screen-shot of someone streaming while playing it last night. This can give me a brief glimpse of any new game, even if I am not in beta, to help me decide if I want to play or not. As long as you don't click on any strange or shortened links, you will be fine from the Twitch Steam Hacking.

Twitch Steam Hacking

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