Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime Access

Why I found this method to get an Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access, is probably not important, but it does involve torrrents. You see my local internet hotspot monitors and slows Torrent traffic. In fact, for some reason, they slow traffic incoming from my computer.... but I found a cheap solution to get around the blockage.

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime accessSo there are 2 components to this Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access. The first, you will need an Android device capable of accessing wifi and the Amazon App Store. Most devices have this ability, so you should be set (unless you are using a smart watch or something along those lines). Second, you will need a program called Easy Tether. This is the part which is going to cost you $10. After this, everything else is free.

Ok, so the next step to get the Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime Access is to get yourself a VPN. There are a ton of them on the play store, I chose Ultrasurf. Ultrasurf will route all traffic through a proxy server, without ads, without restrictions, and without disconnections. You don't have to use this one, but I know this one works.

WARNING: This type of VPN is NOT good for gaming, where you need a static IP address. Eash time you connect, it will change your IP address. Use this for surfing, torrenting, browsing onion or zeronet sites with an additional layer of security only.

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime Access Instructions:

So here are the steps.

  1. Connect to wifi through your Android Device.
  2. Turn on Easy Tether, and follow the steps to connect your computer.
    Your computer will now route traffic through your Android device.
  3. Turn on Ultrasurf or whichever VPN for Android you have chosen.
  4. Now goto whatismyipaddress.com, and verify you have a new IP (shows a different location).

It's now ok to use whichever service on your computer which you don't want your ISP to see. Because you are routing through your phone AND you didn't pay for the VPN, it should be even more secure then any VPN services where you pay monthly for it, which leaves a monetary paper trail. 😉

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So in answer to your question, why not use proxies on a computer? They change daily, they might not be high speed, there is a lot more work in finding them, you need something like a proxy firewall or proxy app, and I can do all this for under $10 with very little work on my side...

Unlimited VPN $10 Lifetime access written by Spitt of MMOExploiters.com

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