View rootkit hidden processes

Today we discuss how to View rootkit hidden processes. On occasion, you might want to do some snooping, and a game might be hiding their game files behind a rootkit. If this is the case, then this simple guide will teach you how to unhide the files, so that with an editor you can view View rootkit hidden processes, or allow you to inject code into them, or even to watch their actions. Heck maybe you have something running in the background you didn't even know was there. 

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View rootkit hidden processes

So the first step to allow you to view rootkit hidden processes, is to download a file called Win64AST. The latest official releases are as follows: (with .NET4 Framework)

You can also view it on the official thread if you need technical support.

Once you have Win64AST downloaded, the next step to view rootkit hidden processes, is to run the process. Go ahead and allow it, it's safe. It might throw up some anti-virus or firewall objections, it's normal since you are accessing things which are normally hidden from you.

Next click on the text which states #(DOUBLE CLICK)LOAD DRIVER AND USE ALL FEATURES!

win64ast - View rootkit hidden processes

At this point, of the process to view rootkit hidden processes, the options on the left hand side which were grayed out, will now appear black. Click on Kernel, then Notify & Callback.

kernel - View rootkit hidden processes

You should now see all processes currently running on your system. Make a note of all the files, take a screenshot (or 2) if you need to, write them down, or remember them, and then launch your game. Some new processes will now be loaded.

When the new processes are loaded, we want to right click on these new processes and select Anti, then Remove Filter. 

remove-filter - View rootkit hidden processes

This now disables the files from being able to be hidden with a rootkit, which in turn allows you to View rootkit hidden processes.

Thanks to haxorf24. If anyone would like to add anything more to this, please do so in the comments below...

2 Responses to View rootkit hidden processes

  1. Irratio says:

    I need to hide a process, whenever i do it with fyyres hidecon, i get usually often BSOD. I tried with Win64Ast but it needs me to be VIP, any way around this? couldn’t find a cracked version or alternative yet.

    Thank you

  2. Spitt says:

    Try to find another rootkit if Win64AST won’t work for you. But of course the problem with rootkits is you open your system for anything else which is nasty and sitting there. The nice thing about using a paid version, it is less likely they will place nasty crap on your computer since they want to keep sales flowing. Those who crack and pirate said software might not be so generous.

    If you don’t mind taking the risk then try this link:


    WIN64AST v110 BETA6 with .NET4 –

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