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Windows 10 FirewallSo now you have Win 10, but now it's time to look for a compatible Windows 10 Firewall. Surprise, the programs that you have grown to love or even to hate, don't work with Windows 10. So now, comes the tedious process of researching which Windows 10 Firewall is both effectiveness and being cost efficient. This is where I come in...

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Windows 10 Firewall

In terms of an effectiveness, I have done my own research and tested some of the free Windows 10 Firewalls. I did this because I found recently a flaw with the firewalls I was using. 

Now I mentioned a flaw. It's not a flaw per se with the first one, but I made the mistake of removing the Emsisoft firewall. Lo and behold, you can't reinstall it, as they no longer support the product, worse they won't allow anyone to install the old version, even though it worked rather well. Why did I remove my Emsisoft Firewall? I was testing to see if the problems I was having connecting to a public wifi, was due to the firewall. I know, I should have just disabled it, but I wanted to test another, and it recommended I uninstall other firewalls to avoid any potential issues.

In my quest to find a new Windows 10 Firewall, I installed Comodo Firewall. It's not as bad as it used to be, but still a pain in the arse to configure, and if you still try to remove it, it will block all traffic. If you plan to uninstall Comodo Firewall, you should first allow all traffic and shut down the application, then uninstall.

Next I looked at ZoneAlarm. Can anyone say Bloatware? Whats the point of having security software, if you plan to bundle it with PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs aka Spyware)?

On to AVG - I got an extended trial for their total security software. But after reading an article about it's lack of effectiveness in terms of security and being able to disable the firewall remotely, it was a quick uninstall.

Norton's turns out to also be bloatware, but in the terms of why the F*-* is it so big? Also their AV scanner is barely any more useful then the stock Windows Malware Removal Tool - so how good can any Firewall be?

McAfee? About the same as Norton's doesn't really protect you.

You might have noticed I strayed a bit here, and am not just talking about Windows 10 Firewalls, but also about AV. I figure if their AV is bad, their Firewall must equally be. Some of these, I did try bundled software ie Firewall/AV...

Surprisingly Avast is still one of the best security soldiers out there, but a recently leaked security report found some severe vulnerabilities, which allowed a hacking team to bypass AVG's Firewall and AV security.

I have mentioned all the well know Windows 10 Firewall by now. I ended up trying to use some of the firewalls on Windows 7, but even there were some lesser known programs that just wouldn't install as they were too old.

I did get PCTools Firewall to load onto my Windows 7 computer. But alas, it's a Piece of Shite and not very configurable. I also managed to crash it a couple times. If you can crash a firewall, then so can someone else. Uninstalled.


That's when I came upon Private Firewall. Private Firewall not only works on Windows 7, it also works on XP, Vista, Windows 8, Win8.1 and while not documented works well as a Windows 10 Firewall. It works exactly as I hoped it would. It blocks traffic I don't want to see, it blocks all email (if you choose), it is a full featured Windows 10 Firewall which doesn't even have a Pro version. So you're not missing anything that a paid subscription will get you.

Here are some of this Windows 10 Firewall included features;

  • IPv6/IPv4 packet filtering
  • Behavioral hacker protection
  • Website/IP filtering 
  • Advanced Application Control
  • Registry protection
  • System Anomaly Detection

So on a Windows 7 and a Windows 10 computer system, this firewall is a professional grade software for free. Size? Less then 4mb.

More Info - Download

Remember! The site doesn't mention that it works as a Windows 10 Firewall... but it does.

The one downside I found, was no support forums, but there is still a solution. Click Here, post your problem, and wait for a reply - better yet, search for your problem, it might already have been answered.

A couple alternatives - GUI access for Windows Firewall (I haven't tested them)...

  • GlassWire; it's a nice GUI that uses WF with some HIDS features.
  • Sphinx! That was the other one I tried; it seemed to work fine on Win10

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