Alternative payment methods to get VIP

Hey guys, lately I have had some different people tell me that they either can’t use PayPal or that they don’t want to use PayPal as a subscription method. I do have a couple alternative methods for paying for VIP access.

I can accept money via AlertPay, but I will charge a $2 handling fee, and will only accept a 1 year subscription. You won’t be re-billed for this, it’s just a 1-time payment. Total due would be $26.99 USD, which I will send a “request for money,” once you tell me your AlertPay email address.


Send me a new, unused WoW, Rift, SWTOR 60 day subscription card or a $30 Ultimate Game Card, and I will grant you 15 months in the site once I have applied the key to one of my game accounts. These should be for the US clients of the game, I don’t know if it makes a difference or not.


I may be willing to accept a new game key or a beta account, but you should use the contact form to ask me first. I am interested in the following games; Dominus, Tera Online, Diablo 3, GuildWars 2, The Secret World. We will arrange on the amount of time based on the cost of the key or which type of beta access you have.


Additionally, there you can always submit an original guide, cheat, macro, game hack, or bot (which you brand with our name on it), to gain access. If you have access to a guide/ebook which we don’t have on this site, you can submit it to us, and see if we post it. Original content/eBooks can gain you 1-3 months minimum, in the site if we use it.

-another method-

Want another way? Order $75 worth of gold/credits/platinum or powerleveling from, and I will give you a 6 month subscription to this site. Please mention in order notes that you want access. Orders submitted without asking in the order notes for access will be denied.


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