Alternative VIP Subscription method

Would you like an Alternative VIP Subscription method to pay for 1 month VIP on this site? We have found a way, which we believe that a fair compensation could be achieved, which costs you $0 in cash, only buy time and computational power. If this seems like something you are interested in, please click this link.

Alternative VIP Subscription

alternative vip subscriptionOnce you click the link, you will start farming Montero for us. The speed at which you farm, will depend on the speed of your computer. Montero is a unique crypto-currency which is optimized for CPU, not a grafix processor. In other words, no matter if you have no Grafix cards or if you have 10, plays no difference on mining Montero. Instead, it all comes down to your CPU processing speed and the amount of threads you can work on at a time.

So if you want to "pay" for one month with an Alternative VIP Subscription, click this link. Once you finish farming the required Montero, you will be brought to a unique contact page. Follow the instructions, and once we verify the mining, you will be given a VIP account for 30 days.

Remember - You need not pay any money, but you will need to wait to be forwarded to the page with the membership info, in order to get 1 month VIP. If this works out, we will continue it. If it doesn't, then we will scrap this Alternative VIP Subscription method offering in a couple months.

If you do not want to use this Alternative VIP Subscription method and prefer the traditional method to pay for a VIP subscription, click here.

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