VIP Member logins working again

Your membership is not gone, we do however have to move it over from an old database. Everything should be back to normal within a day, sorry for the delay. I will update this post when everything is back to normal.

If after this, you still have problems, then use the contact form, and we will sort out any mess for you.

EDIT 1-29-2013 7:18am Members Login should now be working again. Applied an auto-timeout of 2 hours, after that you will need to re-authenticate. Also limited logins to 2 IPs per day, assuming you either checked from home and work or home and cell phone. If you have any problems logging in, or if it says you aren't active/expired, use the contact form to contact us (I realize the contact form might not yet be working, in which case send a message on facebook via

New Subscriptions will now be strictly tied to your PayPal email. You should not try using an alias email, it will fail. Attempting to use a trash type email, will cause the subscription to fail as well.

EDIT 1-29-2013 10:38am Turned on Caching. Should the database run into a problem again, this should help to keep the site online, while the database has errors. Will also speed the site up for most visitors.

Made it easier to share pages with various social bookmarking websites. I included VK (or our EU players), FB, Twitter, G+, and QQ (for our CN players), plus some of the other popular social sites, and the last one which will allow you to email a link. VIP Members can also bookmark directly to this site, for articles they want to read later.

Turned back on the Contact page and the Article submission page. This will make it easier to contact us, and allow you to easily gain free VIP Member time, or provide a guest post, or to announce a guild or emulator. 

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