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As many of you know, was recently attacked and had some extended downtimes. I wanted to let you know where we were in terms of security and updating the site. First off, we did lose a little bit of data. However, the data did not have anything to do with posts or guides. Rather it was the linkage to the files within, our images if you will, and the linking to the media gallery. Additionally, we lose some information in regards to the hieraarchy of categories. Neither of these actually affect us in a negative way.

When the website went down, we first tried to patch it back together. That was a bust. We ended up re-installing the software, re-installing the important plugins, and then re-uploading most of the database back in place. This included users, posts, subscriptions and other data as needed.

What this cleaning also allowed us to do, was to re-evaluate which plugins were integral to the function of the site. As you may or may not have noticed, we slimmed down much of what you used to see, and changed the way others looked. For example at the start of most posts, we now have share buttons across the top. Before there was a button you had to hover over, and that in itself wasn't intuitive.

We also removed the star rating plugin, which had the side effect of keeping up the page views per post. This was great as it allowed us to see which category was most popular, but it slowed the site, and most people didn't actually vote... so now we have a new page viewer and got rid of the voting - though this may change in the near future.

We removed the long category view on the side. Mainly because they acted as keywords, which in turn was an overload of keywords. However you can use the search bar at the top of the page to find the category of your choice. We also removed advertisements, but they will be back for guides in the not so distant future. 

I added a different image viewer to the side. This allows you to click on a meme or cosplay image, and then to see it larger on your screen. I am still considering changing this slightly, either using the "pro version" which allows for comments, or to adding a second seperate one which handles cosplay.

One thing you do not see, is the new way to submit content for free VIP. It's interesting, since you get to format it how you want, and then submit it. I can then edit and post if it looks good, or something of interest.


So what have we done on the backend to make sure this doesn't happen again? Well besides trimming the database, we added a better software firewall. We have a strong anti-spam program, which catches about 15k spammers a month, we added caching of content, so that it doesn't pull on the database constantly, and we are hosting our images externally, to relieve stress on the server. All in all, our load on the server has lessened immensely, and the smaller database footprint ensures that we won't have any similar problems in the years to come.


Plans for the future of mmoexploiters... I have been weighing whether to add forums back into the site. The forums would be used for 2 things. First, so you can interact with other VIP members, in a private forums, and also to provide a trade forums, to trade virtual goods. I am still trying to determine whether or not this would be a viable option or not. Part of what makes me want to offer this is the censorship on other trade forums. Some of the sites have begun to disallow certain kinds of services. While I would not allow account hacking nor the sale of tools to enable account hacking, I would allow services for legit companies who sell some risque services. Again, this is not a go-go situation, I am still trying to figure if it is viable or not... feedback would be appreciated on this.

If we do decide to add the trade forums... we will have a middleman service, we will have moderators, and we will have a business section, and we will have a ID Verification. The Karma kind of feature for good traders would also likely be added, however I am leary of that, because even that can be faked and thus scammed.

So what do you think?

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Other then that, I am still trying to get back into the swing of things. That week to 10 days of up and down time gave me a much needed break. I have so much I need to do still with work and the site however, that I am often only getting up one post per day. This will however change, when work is less on the backend, and I have more free time to put new stuff up.

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