Moving Hosts Tonight


sdsdWe will be moving to a different host tonight, as such there may be service interruptions, over the next 6-8 hours. We are switching from Softlayer back to GoDaddy, in the interest of curbing rising costs. We apologize for any interruption this may cause.

[EDIT] There were hiccups. Due to an issue with the ISP, we are not on the new host yet. Files which were being uploaded weren't transferred over, which resulted in connection errors and timeouts. We are re-uploading. The test domain is resolving well. Next up will be the database. If it all looks good, we will transfer the domain over, and then wait a few hours for it to resolve.

Why am I telling you all this? It's because we won't put up a new post, till after it's resolved. Otherwise a graphic file or the post itself won't make it up and it will be up, then an hour later be missing. That would be a hiccup, if we told the search engine that we had something, and then they crawl and it's not there.

Please do us a favor, and let us know which your favorite games are, in the comments below. Knowing this, we can tailor the content to you.


You can find us on...






Hard to believe we just hit the 15 year mark for this site in all it's forms... (AC-Hackers (forums), AC-Exploiters (forums), mmoexploiters (forums), mmoexploiters (blog)...


[EDIT] Had to bring in a friend to help with the database...

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