Site Issues

As you know we have been having some serious issues with this site with load times. At times the site has been unreachable. At times it has been unable to be loaded at all. Today we restarted the server several times in an effort to fix the problems, which worked temporarily. With several issues continuing to plague this site, we are changing hosts in an effort to alleviate the problems with the current hosting company.

Again in this change-over time, there will be no new posts, as this will effect the database restoration on the new host.


This site is NOT going down, and the lack of posts is temporary till we switch to the new hosting provider.


Thank you for your patience,

the team at


Edit: Too much traffic has been causing the slow downs, we just updated the server to include more ram, to cover the excess traffic... and restored the database. So... if you paid for a subscription and didn't get a renewal, please use the contact form to contact us. We will need your login name and paypal email address to verify the subscription.

Posts will resume tomorrow afternoon. I had a couple ready to go up, but the restoration of the database caused us to lose them.

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