Site Update News January 2018

Hey all, as many of you know we have been having some problems with various aspects of this site over the last several months including but not limited to 502 errors and issues with subscriptions not being automatically fulfilled. We have contacted various persons and asked for help, as well as done some extensive research into the issues at hand.

Site Update News January 2018

Site Update News

We believe the 502 error has been solved, but we won't know for sure until someone lets us know otherwise. If it persists, we may only need to restart the server. But a comment stating you found a 502 error would be welcome.

S2Member Pro

We are going to be moving all of our current subscribers over to a new subscription system. The old one was updated to the ipv6 protocol, but unfortunately the subscription software has been buggy AF. So we took the leap and are going to be moving over from eMember to S2Member Pro. There will be some manual work for us, and will need several hours of time to get it done, which means doing it on days off. Active members will still have access to the same things, but the site will need to be taken offline for about an hour while we perform the update.

Manual Work

As stated, some of it will be manual. This means current users will be moved over to the new system manually and setting up the subscriptions' end time. We will also be taking the forums and adding all our private members manually to forums access as well. Forums are for all users past and present, who did not ask for a refund or place a chargeback. If after midweek you know you paid for access and did not get updated to the new system, you will be able to request via a contact form to get access.

New SignIn Widget

When the site comes back online, we will have a new sign-in widget. It is currently located at the bottom of the page, but it will be moved up to make it easy to find. The old one will no longer work once the changes are made, just as the new one will not currently work, the roles will be reversed.


As a reminder, midweek this week expect some downtime. We expect it to be less than one hour. Moving subscriptions will manually be moved over, and take several hours.

Free Access

Other than that, once everything is back on schedule, we will be once again adding guides, exploits, macros, etc. Remember, we do on occasion give free VIP access. Use the contact form and submit an original guide, exploit, or macro. If we can verify it's both original and working, you can earn free time in the forums and/or website.

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