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It's time for an update to the State of this site

State of this site - Membership

State of this siteOver my weekend, I went ahead and changed over the membership software for this site. We were using the eMember Software which served us well for several years. Sadly the software no longer works with Clickbank, and they want to have their users pay for them to debug the software. Alas, I made the decision to switch to S2Pro instead. There is one aspect I do not like, but for a working membership software which also works with BBPress (our forums), I can adapt.

State of this site - Forums

With eMember, logged in users couldn't view the forums., or they would be logged out. Thus far, the S2Pro software is working beautifully. As requests come in, we will add more forums for more games. I am considering making some sections available to those who were once members and cancelled their subscription. This would allow them to be able to read and post on certain sections, such as in trade channels, for a one time payment. Still considering this however.

State of this site - Clickbank/affiliates

We still use Clickbank to process payments, so as not to mess with our affiliates. This means referred sales can still earn upto 40% of the subscription price. A win-win for everyone. The prices for subscriptions, are all the same. $10 a month or $25/quarter. I am considering adding 12 month subscriptions as well. I used to do them on Black Friday events, but stopped a few years back. 

State of this site - Firewall

Our anti-brute force firewall is working amazingly, and has blocked over 300k brute force attacks (this month alone!) which were causing crashes on the site. I switched over from the same software which was offered for free from the guys who provided the eMember software.

State of this site - Free membership

I once again opened up the possibility for free memberships. This was allowed when a person submitted something original to the site. It's very easy to see who posts what, and if it's original or not. Of course for programs, the first step is always a scan for nasty crap. With better tools, this has become easier over the years.

State of this site - Migrated Users

Anyways, I migrated all the users over, who paid for access and had setup accounts. If you paid for access or are paying for access, and did not get migrated over, use the contact form along with your receipt number and let me know. I will manually move you and/or make you a new account if needed.

State of this site - The future

I now have more time to get new stuff up, though to be honest it's getting harder to find new stuff for older games. So do let me know as a member, if you want me to cover something new. Otherwise I simply go by what gets the most reads each month and post more on it. Also, don't be afraid to let me know something isn't working. I can't update, if I don't know it's broken - with over 4k cheats/guides/bots/hacks over 15+ years, it's hard to know if something isn't working anymore.

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