There haven't been any for a while now. I got to the point where the server costs weren't being covered by the subscription fees, no matter how I begged for them. I kept putting up new info, but without either feedback or at least monies to pay for server costs, well things have slowed. We need a server upgrade, the current hosting will NOT be enough to run this site with 2k+ people visiting a day. More people requires more resources, which in turn cost money.

Add to that, that I had both a backup HDD and main HDD failure, and times have been rather depressing, causing me a bit of a burnout.


So here's what I need from you, to get the site back and running like it should: Donators who can donate monthly, a small amount. If you want to help out, either get a subscription, without cancelling it, or let me know how much you can donate monthly to keep the site going, and I will set up special access for you.


In the meantime, I will be working on some new guides for the games I have been playing a bit for... and if we get some positive responses, we will restart the site.

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