Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Nude Hack – Male & Female models

Nude hacks seem to be very popular. In fact for a time I had a nude hack on my WoW account. My wife thought it disturbing to find her Warlock’s pet to be nude… which is when I realized I had never removed the nude hack from my computer. It was a great reason to follow her character, galavanting across Azeroth. However, these nude hacks are actually for Skyrim, the newest Elder Scrolls game. Check out the 2 images to see what these look like (censored for our younger audience). Keep in mind you need only install either the Male or Female versions of these nude hacks, purely by your preference.

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One Response to Elder Scrolls – Skyrim: Nude Hack – Male & Female models

  1. GS says:

    These aren’t hacks they’re mods. The models and textures are created by players. If this were a hack, the models and textures would have already been in the game but inaccessible without hacking the game. For most online games WoW included modding and/or hacking the game is actually against the terms & conditions n all that stuff you agree to before playing the game. So…be careful about saying you’re using them because it can get you perma banned. One of the reasons ppl love Bethesda is because they encourage modding of their games. <3

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