Star Wars Game Sales – 2017 Edition

Star Wars Game Sales - 2017 Edition. Years back, someone designated May 4th as Star Wars day. It makes sense really, May the Force be with you sounds similar. In 1977 Star Wars was released in the movie theaters.Star Wars Sales - May the 4th be with you 

We've compiled a small list of locations to get some Star Wars games on the cheap.

Star Wars Game Sales
May the 4th be with you

Of all the Star Wars Game Sales, I think the ones for the latest Star Wars Battlefront game, is likely my favorite, since I have been wanting to play this game for a while, and to see how my PVP skills addup when we're talking light sabers and pistols... and jetpacks. Gotta have jetpacks.

Origin is offering up the Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate edition for $19.99 Get it here. If you've been waiting on this sale, then consider buying it. But scroll down, for another offer for the standard edition which is slightly better.

GOG sells games that are completely DRM-free. This means that there is nothing preventing or limiting you from installing and playing the game. As such, games from GOG never come with Steam keys. Click here to visit them.

Steam is also selling the Star Wars Franchise, but nothing as dramatic as 77% off. They are offering upto 23% off. You can check them out here.

The collection on steam is a better price and has more games. Plus if you have Kotor on steam it will drop the price of the collection.

Twitch Prime is offering something for Star Wars the old Republic. Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack with Twitch Prime. Get it here.

GamesPlanet has a 24 hour sale going on on 3 Star Wars Games

Flash Deals Type % Off UK (£) FR (€) DE (€) ~ USD
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Steam 70% £7.49 8.99€ 8.99€ $9.65 (£)
LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Season Pass Steam 66% £2.72 3.40€ 3.40€ $3.50 (£)
Star Wars Battlefront Origin 33% £9.99 11.99€ 11.99€ $12.87 (£)

No region locks on anything, best $ price is from £.

This is the best deal on StarWars Battlefront

XBOX MarketPlace has a nice sale going on as well, check it out here.

WARNING: Don't buy the complete Lego Star Wars collection if you have live, it's included in the next Games With Gold round.

Best Buy is allowing pre-orders of StarWars Battlefront 2. If you pre-order AND get a physical copy, they will give you a $10 certificate for a future purchase. The points to redeem the $10 certificate is normally credited to the purchaser's account within 2 weeks of shipment of the game.

Click here, to goto the sale page.

They have no other Star Wars game sales.

Finally, Humble Bundle is offering another 77% off sale, of past games. Much like GOG in terms, except that these are not DRM free games. Once purchased, you will get a Steam key(s) for the game purchased, whcih you will then redeem on Steam's site. Click here to see the Humble Bundle sale.

NewEgg has pre-order for StarWars Battlefront 2 on sale.

Title Discount Price Promo Code
Star Wars Battlefront II Xbox One Pre-Order 25% $44.99 EMCRFRE66
Star Wars Battlefront II Playstation 4 Pre-Order 25% $44.99 EMCRFRE67
Star Wars Battlefront II PC Digital Pre-Order 25% $44.99 EMCRFRE68


More Star Wars related sales

Woot Star Wars Sales (Sale-a-day)

Amazon's Star Wars Sales (includes some games, plus merchandise)

Walmart Star War Sales  (includes some games, plus merchandise)

If anyone finds any more Star Wars Sales  for our 2017 edition, post a comment below, and we will update this page.

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