Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart – StarWars Uprising

It's not often we put up anything to do with StarWars, but we believe this Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart will help immensely as a time saver, for all of you who do play StarWars Uprising.

Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart

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Anyone who is struggling to understand where to get what crystals, as a means of upgrading their gear, weapons or crew, will find this Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart a time saver.

Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart

You can see that this Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart is detailed and includes the everything you need to know about searching for crystals. You can see where you get the crystals you need, the ranked rewards, sector battles, and more. Now you can keep this Crystal Salvaging Flow Chart handy in case you find yourself looking for specific crystals, or trying to get them all.

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